Best Binary Options Trading added new…

Hi all. Just found good new from my favorite binary options signals provider – BBOT. They now give you an opportunity to make more profit trading binary options, because they now provide two sessions more. You can trade 2 hours more a day and get extra profit. That’s fantastic!

Now you can receive binary options tips for Frankfurt session which comes from 9 gmt and Chicago session – 15:30 gmt!

p.s. now their website has a new design, that’s pretty cool too.


BBOT Changes the prices for options signals

One of the best news of the New 2016 year became the new prices published by Best Binary Options Trading on their site today.

What do they done? They lower the prices for their options signals service. Now for 1 session during the month you need to pay only 170$ instead of 400$! And 500$ for all 4 sessions! So the prices became more then 2 time cheaper.

I don’t know is it seasonal  or a constant, but i like it! Try it yourself!


The prices for VIP packages and auto trading is the same.